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You can see the credit report which lenders see when they decide whether to extend credit.

My Credit Report lets you:

  • See what these companies can find out about you
  • Amend any errors which appear on your credit file
  • Explain any circumstances surrounding adverse records on your file
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I wanted to see my credit report and have just seen it online. Great service! Thank you.

T.W. Leicester 

Very quick and easy. My husband and I both checked our credit reports before applying for a mortgage.

Mrs. S.R. Dorset 
For businesses needing to check the credit risk of customers a credit report on any UK business can be searched in seconds

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Where does the data in credit reports come from?
The credit reference agencies gather data from companies such as banks, credit card companies, and other lenders. This data typically shows includes how quickly people settle their account and may also show the credit limits they have been given. Details of missed payments or defaults can appear too. The credit agencies also get information from public record sources, such as local authority Electoral Rolls, and court records including county court judgements, and bankruptcy.

Who uses credit reference agencies?
The credit reference agencies are used by companies deciding whether to approve credit applications. The lenders can look at the information that the customer has provided about themselves, and they also look at the applicants credit report file. Together this information can help them decide whether the applicant appears to be a good credit risk, and a profitable customer to lend to.

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