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Other people on your files

  • Your credit report will normally only contain information about you.

  • Your credit report may also show the name of anyone you share a financial connection with. Lenders will see the financial information in these other names and may use this when making a lending decision. If you believe that information in another name has caused a lender to refuse you credit, you may wish to ask the other person to request their credit report but they do not have to, nor do they have to show you their credit report. If your credit report shows a financial connection that you believe is not correct, you can contact the credit reference agency and ask them to remove it.

  • Can someone else's debts affect your credit score? Credit reports are produced on people not addresses, and people's credit reports are only linked when they apply for joint credit facilities or act as guarantors for one another. So unless you have entered into that sort of financial arrangement, then any debts another person has won't affect your creditworthiness, whether or not these debts are registered at your address.


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