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ID fraud

  • Don't ignore any signs of identity fraud; it won't go away and the problems will get harder to solve the longer it goes on. There are a number of things that you can do immediately upon discovering your identity has been stolen.

  • Report the incident to the police, especially if it involves stolen identification documents. Insist on receiving a crime reference number, or some documentation to record the incident.

  • Contact the CIPHERS Protective Registration Service and get a CIPHERS entry put on your report for protection. The CIPHERS website is

  • Contact all the organisations involved. Keep a written record of all your actions, for example who you spoke to and the date and time, and copies of letters sent and received.

  • If a passport or driving licence is stolen or lost then report it to the authorities as soon as you discover the loss. Also report any suspicious circumstances.

  • Report all stolen cheques or cards to the issuers, and request new ones. Follow up telephone calls with written notification. Get new cards, account numbers, and Pins if you use credit or other plastic cards to access banking services. Do not continue to use a compromised PIN.

  • Notify the Post Office if you suspect mail theft or suspect a mail redirection has been fraudulently set up on your address. They have an investigations unit that can help you.

  • If you suspect your personal information has been used by someone else requesting a copy of your credit report to see any credit applications and accounts opened in your name. You can then ask the credit reference agency to help you to liaise with the lenders involved and make sure you are not affected by the fraud. If the fraudster is still using your details, the credit reference agency may be able to add a security feature to your credit report.

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