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Previous searches on you

  • When you apply for credit the company may have terms and conditions which you are required to agree to and which give them permission to use a credit reference agency. Each time a company gets a credit report on you, a record is kept by the credit reference agency, and the search is listed on your credit report.

  • Although a high number of searches is not necessarily adverse, it may suggest to lenders that you are either shopping around for credit, or that you are making lots of applications and being refused by other lenders. It could also concern lenders if they think you may be being accepted for credit by other lenders and could be over committing if you are taking credit from lots of sources at the same time. Each lender will choose how they interpret the searches on your credit record, an how recent the searches are in relation to the credit application they are considering.

  • If your credit report shows a search against you by a company you know nothing about, start by contacting the organisation who made the search and ask for further details. If the organisation agrees to remove a search they will tell the credit reference agencies. It may be that the search is in the name of a finance company used by another company which you may know.

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