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Credit Report FAQ

What is in a credit report

  • A credit report typically shows your name and both current and previous known addresses. Any changes to your name, such as through marriage, may be shown. A credit report can list your current credit agreements with banks, mortgage lenders, store cards, and credit cards. How you repay your credit, and the outstanding credit balances can be shown. Your credit records can show if you have defaulted on any credit agreements, paid late, acquired any county court judgments, or Scottish Decrees, or been the subject of bankruptcy.

  • If an organisation has made a search, a record will be shown on your credit report but only the organisation concerned knows whether your application was accepted or refused. A credit report does not show whether you have been accepted or turned down for credit.

  • Information which does not appear on your credit report includes:
    Savings accounts
    Employment records
    Student loan information
    Pension details
    Salary details
    Property status
    Credit ratings or credit scores
    Council tax payments
    Criminal records
    Child Support Agency information

  • Payment information is provided by lenders. However, not all your payment information may appear on your credit report. Some organisations only provide details of accounts where payments are behind. If you have not fallen behind with your payments, this may explain why the credit agency does not hold information on the account, or the organisation in question may not provide account details to the credit reference agency.

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